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Broadcast: Broadcast Production
Producer - San Francisco 49ers (Santa Clara, CA)

Position Overview

Serve as a producer to the 49ers in-house production team. Will assist and act as point-of-contact with 49ers broadcast partners and lead in content creation and delivery for the Club. Work alongside producers in the development of all in-house programming elements (editing, shoots, design, etc.) 

Areas of Responsibility

  • Produce all in house content for the franchise. (Web, Broadcast, Stadium)
  • Work alongside broadcast partners in obligated content for franchise
  • Manage web content, population of site, editorial work, live production point of contact.
  • Perform tasks as needed (design, live production, shooting, sound recording, gripping, edit direction, music scoring, color correction, audio editing and mixing.)
  • Act alongside of team of producers, working on multiple weekly projects across platforms (Live broadcasts, on air broadcasts and multimedia.)
  • Expertise with all production gear; maintain studio, gear, and production area.
  • Logging, library management and digital media storage / CMS knowledge
  • Perform additional duties as assigned from time-to-time by Senior Producer and Executive Producer.


A minimum of 3 years of assisting/coordinating, associate work, producing in the broadcast field is required. Extensive demonstrated knowledge of broadcast equipment needed. Strong understanding of post-production, field/studio/location-production, sound recording and program development and execution needed. Non Linear Editing knowledge a must – Adobe After Effects and design acumen highly desired. Demonstrated good communication, teamwork and learning skills.  Versatility, organization, responsibility and dependability an absolute must. College degree required and/or equivalent experience.

The San Francisco 49ers is an equal opportunity employer.  We encourage all qualified candidates to apply regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or able-status.

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Broadcast: Producer
Manager, Video Board and IPTV Systems - San Francisco 49ers (Santa Clara, CA)

General Statement of Duties: Serve as the technical point of contact and manager for the Stadium’s Video Board Control Room systems, IPTV system, PA system, 49ers Studios systems and sub systems throughout the department’s footprint. 

Responsible for the technical operations and upkeep of departments broadcast systems.  Manage the day-to-day technical operations and maintenance of Levi’s Stadium IPTV system and 49ers Studios’ facilities.  Assist 49ers Studios broadcast partners when called on (stadium, network, broadcast infrastructure, etc.) relating to technical requirements, system integration, planning, and development.

Maintain 49ers Studios production equipment when needed.  Coordinate and execute annual pre-season health checks, preventative maintenance schedules, and technical training on production equipment and broadcast systems.  Manage event based technical requirements relating to the scoreboard control room’s video display systems and IPTV systems. Plan, design, and optimize department’s systems, operations, and resources. Provide management and coordination of administrative and operations-related functions for 49ers Studios, with responsibility for overall success.

Act as an extension of the production team for technical planning and engineering needs, crossing all platforms of production as they relate to studio use, stadium’s control room system, PA System, and IPTV system.  Work alongside the Director of Gameday Production and Broadcast Operations as well as Senior Manager of Game Day Presentation, as it pertains to all things service, maintenance, preparations, and technical needs for all Levi's Stadium events (including, but not limited to app implementation, third party integration, external needs for sound / video, systems optimization, event support. etc…) 

Primary point of contact for all events at Levi’s Stadium in terms of Scoreboard Control Room technical operations and IPTV Infrastructure.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Oversee event day technical operations for the scoreboard control room as it relates to 49ers home games and events at Levis Stadium®.
  • Ensure effective setup and operation of IPTV system, cameras, intercom systems, audio systems, and related control room equipment.
  • Schedule, train, supervise, and support IPTV Maintenance Crew. Prioritize maintenance crew’s task lists, aide in IPTV system technical troubleshooting, perform system side maintenance as required, coordinate logistical support, track progress and inventory components as well as interface with vendors for warranty repair.  
  • Manage the strategic operations of the technical operations group, including scheduling, care, maintenance, repair, assigning of work and equipment to meet facility and event needs relating to production control systems, digital signage and audio systems.
  • Coordinate and schedule training sessions for video production personnel relating to video switcher, cameras, replay, CG systems, clip machines, PA system, and other technical production positions.
  • Handle relations and day-to-day project management with technical vendors, general contractors, and third-party entities that interface with the department for relevant capital projects on behalf of Director of Gameday Production and Broadcast Operations.
  • Work with third-party groups and entities hosting events at Levi’s Stadium, handling relations and technical requirements relating to video display system functions, technical invoicing and production operations.
  • Act as technical operations manager for all broadcast systems, production equipment and audio systems. Troubleshoot, maintain and repair hardware when necessary.
  • Research, recommend, and implement hardware and software purchases and configurations to meet facility/studio needs and to advance the department as a whole.
  • Interpret, implement and ensure compliance with regulations, policies and procedures. Recommend and/or formulate internal administrative policies, guidelines and procedures.
  • Represent the organization's business operations and administrative affairs. Act as liaison with vendors and suppliers on projects distributed by Director of Gameday Production and Broadcast Operations.
  • Responsible for overseeing the finances for area of responsibility as well as developing, monitoring, and analyzing future projects and complex budgets.


  • A minimum of five years experience of maintaining broadcast systems and production workflow, event-production, and technical execution required
    •    In-Venue production a plus, but not required
  • Extensive demonstrated knowledge of IPTV distribution and management, control room systems, broadcast facilities, and live production.
  • A strong understanding of IP video encoding / decoding, multicasting over internal networks, video codecs, etc… 
  • A general understanding of IP network infrastructures, network management, and how it relates to IPTV systems. 
  • A working knowledge of post-production, field/studio/location based productions
  • Demonstrate excellent communication, teamwork, and time-management skills.
  • Versatile, structured, responsible, dependable and the willingness to learn an absolute must.
  • The ability to work autonomously and during non-traditional business hours required; including nights, weekends, and holidays
  • AutoCad, Creative Cloud, and applicable software experience is preferred.

The San Francisco 49ers is an equal opportunity employer.  We encourage all qualified candidates to apply regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or able-status.

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